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  • Anxiety After Leaving an Abusive Relationship

    You did it! This hard, intense, and quite frankly, dangerous thing.

    A close up of a woman holding her ring in her hand. Anxiety treatment in North Carolina can offer support coping with abusive relationships. Contact an anxiety therapist in North Carolina for support with online anxiety treatment and other services.

    Leaving an abusive relationship is not easy. It takes courage, planning, and support. You likely spent time ensuring the details worked out to maximize your freedom and reduce risk. You may have done this major life transition on your own. Or, with friends, family, or with the help of a professional advocate. Regardless, you have done something amazing. Honor that!
    Now, you may be wondering what’s next. Things feel uncertain. Unclear. And, that feels scary. Of course, you know you’re a fighter. A survivor. An overcomer. But, how do you cope with that lingering, base level, pit of your stomach anxiety that creeps up and steals your joy? How do you deal with the anxiety of new freedoms when the recent things you’ve done were always dictated to you? Then, of course, the dreaded question about what if your ex comes back into the picture somehow. Will your safety plan work? Will it be enough?

    Anxiety after leaving an abusive relationship is very normal

    Your anxiety is a protective mechanism your body has built. That feeling of high alert has served you well in your abusive relationship. But, it’s no longer necessary. At least, not in the same way. In fact, lowering these levels of stress helps your body dump extra, unneeded cortisol. Thus, helping increase your well-being as a whole. So, what can you do? Here are some proven tips for decreasing the feelings and symptoms of anxiety in your body.

    How to Reduce Anxiety After Leaving An Abusive Relationship

    Of course, there are a ton of different ways to reduce anxiety in your body. So, here are a few of my go-to tips and methods to help you achieve a baseline sense of calm.

    Ground yourself in the present momentA woman sits on a hiking trail as she watches the cloudy skies. This could represent the anxiety that anxiety treatment in North Carolina can offer support with. Contact an anxiety therapist for support with online anxiety treatment in North Carolina today!

    Give yourself clear, current, concrete things to focus on so that you can refocus on the way things are right now. One way to do this is the 3-3-3 method for curbing anxiety. First, look around and name three things you see. Then, get quiet and name three things you hear. Finally, move three parts of your body. This method engages your senses and brain in a productive way to pull you back into the present moment. This allows you to interrupt stress and anxiety building before they overtake you. A “reset button” of sorts!

    Practice mindfulness

    Grounding techniques are very useful at the moment. But, a daily or regular mindfulness practice can also help. Learning how to rely on your breath, and using your breath for calm, is a skill many of us could use more of. It sounds so simple, and yet, we so often forget to access this consistent tool. There are many books, podcasts, and YouTube channels for daily mindfulness exercises and meditations. One thing to know is that you do not have to have a strict, daily practice to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness. Of course, the more diligent you are, the easier each of these tools will be to access when you need them!

    Consider a physical “release” for your anxiety and stress

    We all know that being physically active in some way is good for us. And, it is a great way to release endorphins and positive adrenaline for a person’s body!
    You may consider some conventional activities like:
    • Walking
    • Biking
    • Running
    • Swimming
    • Yoga
    • Other sports
    But, you can also get creative if you want! The recent popularity of “smash rooms” and axe throwing houses may help relieve stress. They can also help you feel powerful in a safe and contained environment. Of course, please consult with your primary care provider before starting any new physical activity.

    Consider talking to a professional for anxiety treatmentwoman on a computer while sitting on a park bench. This represents talking to an online therapist who offers online anxiety treatment in North Carolina and Florida. Call Michele Seely today

    While there are so many ways to help manage anxiety, it may still feel like far too much. Poor self-esteemdepression, and panic disorders to name a few are best dealt with by a professional. You have already done so much to prove the amazingly strong and independent woman you are. I would love to help you heal and move forward!

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