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  • Brainspotting Therapy in North Carolina

    Sometimes in life, you have moments where you feel stuck and unable to move forward. You may know what’s holding you back or you have no idea. You’ve tried to do a variety of things to feel better so you can achieve your goals, but nothing has worked.

    You Want to Move On

    Hands surround a hologram of a brain dotted with multicolored points. This could represent brainspotting therapy in North Carolina. Contact a brainspotting therapist to learn about brainspotting for trauma, brainspotting for anxiety, and other services.

    You may have met with therapists before and made little progress. Or, made some progress but gone back to feeling worse shortly after you stopped going to therapy. Now, you’re ready to get real results. You want to figure out and process the things that are holding you back. You want to make actual progress towards having good mental health. You’re ready to try something new.
    If this sounds familiar, then Brainspotting can help. Brainspotting helps identify the things that are making you feel stuck. Once identified, you can process them and move forward towards achieving your goals.

    What is Brainspotting?

    Brainspotting is a fairly new evidence-based mental health treatment approach. David Grant designed Brainspotting to treat the symptoms of PTSD in war veterans. But, research shows that Brainspotting therapy is effective in treating a wide range of disorders including:
               … and more!

    A graphic of a colorful tree rising out of a colorful brain. This could represent the positive influence of brainspotting in North Carolina. Contact a brainspotting therapist to learn more about brainspotting for trauma in North Carolina

    How does Brainspotting work?

    When you experience a traumatic or painful event in your life, your body holds on to this memory. It stores the memory and the feelings associated with it in your body. This can cause many physical and mental symptoms that likely won’t go away until they are processed.
    The idea behind Brainspotting is that where you look when you’re talking affects how you feel. Thus, a trained Brainspotting therapist will note where you are looking when discussing your problems. Then, they will reposition your gaze to target the sources of your distress. By guiding you to gaze at different “brainspots”, your therapist can help you unlock these memories so you can better process them on a deeper level. In the end, this allows the body to “heal itself” and move forward from the memory that is making you feel stuck.

    Is Brainspotting Right for Me?

    I realize that this form of treatment may sound intense and scary at first. But, if you’ve tried everything else, what do you have to lose? My main responsibility is to help you feel safe throughout treatment. So, if anything gets brought up that’s too hard to handle, I will work with you to address those feelings. I will help guide you back to a baseline state of feeling calm. You will have support throughout the process. Also, you can always stop doing Brainspotting if you decide it’s not right for you.
    After brainspotting therapy, my clients report feeling a sense of peace that they didn’t feel before. They’re no longer stuck and held hostage by memories of the past. Instead, they can move forward and tackle their to-do lists and achieve the goals they have for their life. You too can feel this way, by trying online branspotting therapy with me.

    Begin Brainspottng Therapy in North Carolina

    A hand waters a potted plant in the shape of a brain. This represents the effects that brainspotting therapy in north carolina can have. Learn more from a brainspotting therapist, or search "brainspoting for trauma in north carolina" today.

    Moving forward often involves coming to terms with the past. My practice offers a safe place for you to work through these memories. I would be happy to help you in overcoming traumatic memories. I offer Brainspotting to all residents of North Carolina, and would be honored to support you! To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps:
    • Start your healing journey and move forward with confidence!

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