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  • Anxiety Treatment

    Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns alongside depression. In fact, everyone feels anxious from time to time. But, what happens when a little stress and worry turn into something more problematic?

    Dealing With Anxiety

    A woman covers her face as a crowd of people walk around her. Anxiety treatment in North Carolina can help you overcome panic attacks and GAD. Learn more about anxiety treatment in Winston-Salem, NC, online anxiety treatment, and other services.

    You may have noticed that you seem to be fearful or worried all the time. Almost as if your brain never shuts off. This overwhelms you and makes it hard for you to get anything done. You might be having trouble sleeping at night. You’re analyzing something you did earlier in the day, last week, last month, or even last year. Then, it comes time to get up in the morning. You find you’re both mentally and physically exhausted. Now, you dread having to begin another stressful day.
    Or, life and all its transitions may have thrown you some curveballs. Now, you find yourself feeling stressed and even panicked about the new drama. When you are stuck in the throes of anxiety, life can feel very overwhelming and even hopeless at times. Here’s the thing, anxiety if left untreated usually gets worse and harder to manage. In time, it will snowball into a monster that you cannot control and it will consume your life in a negative way or affect your relationships. But, here’s the good news, anxiety is very treatable with the right support system. Anxiety treatment can provide the support you deserve.

    Common Symptoms of Anxiety

    Everyone experiences anxiety in different ways. But, there are some common symptoms of anxiety that you should be aware of. These symptoms include:
    • Feeling worried, stress, nervous, or tense
    • Not being able to quiet your mind and worrisome thoughts
    • An impending sense of doom or danger
    • Trouble concentrating
    • Changes in sleeping patterns: sleeping too much or too little
    • Changes in eating: eating too much or too little
    • Rapid heart rate
    • Tightness in the chest
    • Sweating
    • Muscle pain
    • Headaches
    • Stomach aches

    Understanding Anxiety and Anxiety Treatment

    A woman holds her head in her hands with a pained expression. Anxiety treatment in North Carolina can help calm your busy mind. Learn more about online anxiety treatment in Greensboro, NC from an anxiety therapist today!

    It’s important to understand the biological role that anxiety plays. In short, anxiety is your mind’s way of protecting your body from harm. When your body becomes anxious it sends you into fight or flight mode to ensure survival. So, a little bit of anxiety is actually healthy. But, it becomes a problem when anxiety interferes with your day-to-day life. It shouldn’t keep you from living the life you want to live.
    Here’s the good news, anxiety is very common and very treatable. With the help of an anxiety therapist, you can find a way to cope with the distress you’re experiencing. Together, you can pack it away so you can move forward in peace.

    My Approach to Anxiety Treatment in North Carolina 

    When you meet with me for online therapy, my initial goal is to get to know you. First, I’ll learn more about the issues that are bringing you into counseling. Once I understand the challenges you’re having, I will help you establish a baseline sense of calm. With this, you can feel confident tackling the hard things that come up in anxiety treatment.
    When you’re ready, we will discuss your past and present to determine the cause of your anxiety symptoms. Then, we can address these issues head-on so you can pack them away in your mind, move forward, and live a happy life.
    After anxiety treatment, many of my clients report feeling less anxious and calm. This is because they have received the tools needed to deal with distress when it arises. Thus, they can move forward from past baggage and pain.

    A woman sits on her bed with a laptop and cat in her lap. This could represent online anxiety treatment in North Carolina. Learn more about anxiety treatment in High Point, NC from an anxiety therapist in North Carolina.

    Begin Online Anxiety Treatment in North Carolina and FL

    Overcoming anxiety isn’t something you have to attempt on your own. You deserve support in addressing your anxious feelings. I would love to support you from my North Carolina-based online counseling practice. I take Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, and the North Carolina state health plan as insurance coverage. If you would like to learn more about me, please click here. If you are ready to start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

    Other Services Offered with Michele Seeley LCMHC:

    Anxiety treatment isn’t the only service I offer at my North Carolina-based counseling practice. In addition, I also offer individual relationship counseling, depression counseling, and self-esteem counseling. My online therapy services are available to anyone living in North Carolina and Florida.  For more information, please visit my FAQ page, or blog!