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  • Dealing with Pandemic Related Social Anxiety

    Covid numbers are fluctuating and the anxiety of when/if you will get covid is real. But, we continue to move into a world where people are feeling more comfortable taking fewer precautions. Now, you may even feel as though you are being left behind. Don’t they realize we’re still amid a pandemic? How can others feel so comfortable without masks and around others when covid numbers remain high?
    A woman holds a mask over her mouth as she walks down a street. An anxiety therapist In North Carolina can offers support with online anxiety treatment in North Carolina and more. Contact us to overcome anxiety symptoms today. 27260You are not the only person asking yourself this question. In fact, social anxiety post-social distancing is quite common. Many are affected by anxiety about re-entry into “normal” life. In my counseling clinic, I work with women on social anxiety and how to navigate life now that Covid-19 isn’t seen as much of a threat as it was before.

    Covid Has Affected Us All

    Covid has left a stain on society, and some of us are feeling it more than others. Social distancing, work from home, and mask mandates have left us all in a state of high awareness. Your desire to keep yourself and your family safe has been on high alert for over 2 years now. We’ve all had to have manage living in a global pandemic. Covid has affected all of us to varying degrees. Some feel excited to return to pre-pandemic measures. But, others manage anxiety related to getting back to “normal.”

    Is It Caution or Social Anxiety?

    Where is the line between being cautious and your caution veering into social anxiety territory? The honest answer is that it can be subtle. What is unhealthy for some is a balanced precaution for others. Many times the line is dictated by your family’s other health concerns. These can affect how concerned you are about the possibility of getting covid. If you find yourself avoiding social situations because of a fear of covid, even when others will be masked or are vaccinated, it may be veering into social anxiety territory vs being cautious.

    3 Tips to Cope With Social Anxiety as We Leave COVID from an Anxiety Therapist

    You may find yourself dealing with social anxiety as we begin to move into a post covid world. If so, here are three tips from a North Carolina counselor on how to manage social anxiety as we leave covid.

    A person makes a heart with their hands to an elderly person through a glass door. Learn more about how an anxiety therapist in North Carolina can help you today. Learn more about anxiety treatment in North Carolina and online anxiety treatment in North Carolina today. 27260

    Take Precaution, but Take Small Steps to Be Around People in Person

    One of the first things you can do is to take steps to be around people. Stock up on antigen tests if needed and venture to the grocery store instead of ordering pickup. This small errand can have a big impact on your confidence in being out in the world. And if you’re the only one masking, all is well, you are taking the steps you deem necessary to continue life.

    Ground Yourself As You Move Forward

    Practice mindfulness and ground yourself when you leave home. Staying present with where you are can make a big difference in how you react to stressful situations as you re-enter. One great way to ground yourself is to pay attention to how your clothes feel on your body. Are they heavy, itchy, or comfortable? Notice this common sensory input and think about how it feels. This brings you back to the moment and helps you get out of your head.

    Get Physical! Release the Stress Hormones

    A woman walks through a forest as she feels the plants. Learn more about anxiety treatment in North Carolina by contacting an anxiety therapist in North Carolina to learn more about anxiety treatment in High Point, NC. 27260Movement does great things in completing the stress cycle. When you are still your body holds onto all the tension. So, physical movement helps you get those stress hormones out of your body. Moving also helps you mentally process what has happened. Plus, as we move toward spring, getting physical can occur outdoors. There, you might feel safer about covid risk.

    Consider Working with an Anxiety Therapist in North Carolina

    If these tips don’t help, or only take away some of the anxiety, it might be time to consider therapy for social anxiety. I love working with clients on self-esteem. Together, we navigate anxiety as we move towards “normal.” Follow these three steps to begin counseling with Michele Seeley:

    Other Services Offered with Michele Seeley

    Anxiety therapy isn’t the only service I offer at my North Carolina-based counseling practice. I also offer individual relationship counselingdepression counseling, and self-esteem therapy. My online therapy services are available to anyone living in North Carolina.  For more information, please visit my FAQ page, or blog!