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  • Self Esteem Therapy in North Carolina

    You are your own worst critic. You often beat yourself up over the littlest thing. There are days where you feel like you can’t do anything right and you wonder why anyone wants to be around you.

    You may feel that you can’t trust your gut or your abilities. Others may have called you indecisive, overly apologetic, or needy. You want to feel confident, but you seldom do. This in turn is affecting your work performance and your relationships. You want to have better self-esteem and be more kind to yourself. But, this pattern is hard to break.

    The good news is, therapy can boost your self-esteem. You can develop a better relationship with yourself. Self-esteem therapy in North Carolina can help boost your confidence. You can build the life, the career, and the relationships you want. 

    Signs of Poor Self-Esteem

    • A woman sits alone with her hand over her face as she appears to cry. This could represent low self esteem in North Carolina. Contact a self esteem therapist for support with self esteem therapy in North Carolina today!Talking bad about yourself
    • Being critical of things you do, things you say, the way you look, your performance, etc. 
    • Placing others on a pedestal and thinking they’re better than you
    • Getting really embarrassed or not accepting compliments
    • Being overly apologetic
    • Indecisiveness 
    • Not putting your name in for promotions or opportunities
    • Negative body image and/or extreme body modification
    • Inability to say no 
    • Extreme approval-seeking behavior
    • Fear of rejection or doing it wrong
    • Anxiety
    • Depression and/or profound sadness
    • Not asking for things you need or help
    • Neglecting health care and physical care. This includes neglecting physical hygiene and sleeping and eating too much or little
    • Risky behaviors or unsafe choices (drinking too much, drug use, unsafe sexual behavior)
    • Relationship issues or staying in a toxic, unhealthy, or abusive relationship

    My Approach to Self Esteem Therapy in North Carolina

    A woman with sunglasses holds her headset with both hands while smiling. This could represent the outcome of self esteem therapy in North Carolina. Contact a self esteem therapist for support with low self esteem in North Carolina.

    I know life seems heavy right now, and you might be feeling low. But, I can help you feel amazing and confident in your abilities. 

    My approach to self-esteem therapy is to help you establish a sense of safety, security, and trust. I want you to feel safe in being your vulnerable, authentic self during our sessions.

    We will also work together to learn many coping techniques and self-care activities. These can help you handle distress when it arises. I know life can throw you curveballs at times that shake your confidence in yourself. So, you must learn how to navigate these painful feelings without letting them bring you down. 

    Navigating Poor Self-Esteem

    Next, I want to figure out why your self-esteem is suffering. To do this I will ask you to explain your current troubles and how they affect your life. For example, you may be having trouble asking for a higher salary at work. You don’t feel like you deserve it, and that’s affecting your family’s finances. Or you might be dating someone and willing to do things you don’t want to do so they will like you more. 

    I’ll also want to gather information about your past and what’s happened to lead you to think less of yourself. It may be a past abusive relationship, codependent family dynamics, or trauma. Understanding and unpacking the things in your past allows you to deal with that pain. Afterward, you can move forward in a healthy way

    Over time, you will begin to see your worth. You will also develop more self-confidence and learn how to project this to others. They will, in turn, be attracted to and respect your new attitude. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

    Begin Self-Esteem Therapy in North Carolina:

    A woman stands with arms outstretched in joy as the sun sets. This could represent self esteem therapy in North Carolina, and the confidence that comes after overcoming low self esteem in north carolina. Contact a self esteem therapist in High Point, NC today and begin online therapy!

    If anyone is going to be your biggest fan, it should be you! I would be honored to talk with you about how I can help your self-esteem thrive. I’d love to offer support from my North Carolina-based online counseling practice. I take Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, and the North Carolina state health plan as insurance coverage. To start self-esteem therapy, follow these steps:
    1. Email me at [email protected]
    2. Schedule your free 15-minute consult call
    3. Start overcoming your inner critic!

    Other Services Offered with Michele Seeley LCMHC:

    Self-esteem therapy isn’t the only service I offer at my North Carolina-based counseling practice. I also offer online therapy, counseling for anxiety, counseling for depression, Brainspotting, and individual relationship counseling. For more helpful information, feel free to visit the FAQ page or my blog!