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  • Telehealth

    What is online therapy?  A convenient and effective service for a mental health clinician to provide mental health services to a client in the comfort of the client’s own space using HIPAA compliant and secure video/email/text platform.

    What are some of the reasons people use online therapy? People utilize online therapy for a wide variety of reasons.

    • Some people may live in isolated areas where there are not many therapists to choose from.
    • Others have chronic illnesses, which can make it difficult to physically get outside of the house.
    • Online therapy is useful for those who don’t have readily accessible transportation.
    • Caregivers for children and the sick/elderly find that online therapy is very convenient.
    • For college students, or those who move around their state multiple times per year, there is continuity of care

    What are some of the benefits of online therapy? There are many, which make it easy to understand why the field of online therapy is rapidly growing all over the world.

    • Comfort:Sessions when you’re sitting comfortably in your own space. You can have therapy in your pajamas and slippers if you wish, or curled up on their couch with your dog and a cup of tea.
    • Time:Saving time is a big benefit of online therapy. You don’t have to spend time in traffic driving to an office that may or may not be close to where you live or work. It’s very possible to fit in a 45-minute video session during a 60-minute lunch.
    • Discreet:Unfortunately, the stigma for psychotherapy is still out there. Some people don’t want to have to explain to their boss or coworkers or kids that they’re seeing a therapist. Being able to have a session online solves that problem.
    • Clients who are extremely shy/anxious.Clients appreciate the semi-anonymity of online counseling. Sometimes things are easier said online. Think of how much the people on your social networks or chat rooms know about you and how easy it can be to be open with someone who is not physically present.

    The ITherapy online platform is currently my secure, HIPAA compliant videoconference supplier I use for online therapy. Their system is quite easy to use, and their customer service is excellent. It can be used on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.